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Written, produced and performed by Amarantha, Oshun is a vibrant one-woman show that tells the story of how Oshun, the young Yoruba goddess of love, femininity and fertility cames to take her place in the pantheon of orishas (West African dieties), despite the kingdom's denial of her subtle powers. 

 This colourful coming-of-age piece features soul songs, Cuban bata drums and captivating storytelling where Amarantha embodies 9 different orisha characters.

Oshun played sold-out seasons at La Mama Theatre in Melbourne, December 2022 and February 2024. 


2024 Oshun event page:

Images of Oshun, from opening night December 2nd , 2022
@ La Mama Theatre. Credit Wild_Hardt Photography 

COMING in 2024:

Written and Performed by Amarantha

Dancer. Storyteller. Performance Artist.

Amarantha's dance possesses an awe-inspiring quality that has the power to take your breath away. When she gracefully moves, she emanates a magnificent and irresistible presence, seemingly channeling energy from another realm into her physical expression.

Experiencing Amarantha's dance is like delving into the metaphysical. It transcends the boundaries of the ordinary, offering a profound and otherworldly encounter.

"Her performance is a personal and intimate revelation that effortlessly draws you in, leaving an indelible impression", says Joelle  Kerr after seeing Amarantha perform in the Remuse show at Melbourne Fashion Week (pictured right). 


Amarantha has received training in Afro-Caribbean dance and Latin styles. Her talents have graced the stages of significant events in Jamaica and Australia. 

Furthermore, her talent extends beyond dance, as she is also a tv presenter and an actor. 

She has been featured in several commercials for brands including Peugeot, Coles, and Carls Jr, as well as a role in the television series "Deadly Women."

She is currently represented by Epic Talent. 


Remuse fashion shows

as part of Melbourne Fashion Week 2022 and 2023 


Photography by Elfie Jade, Davide Balduzzi, and Darren Gill


To catch a vibe of my style 

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