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a collection of appearances & performances 

This quirky music video is my all-time favourite, a fun project for Italian photogapher, Davide Balduzzi shot in Byron Bay in 2020. I appear about 2 minutes in but treat yourself to watching the whole thing. 

A precious moment from the 2022 season of "Oshun" at La Mama theatre: where Oshun comes into her own and lets the drum know who is boss. Featuring drummer Adrian Hearn. 

It was a joy to be featured in Peugeot's 2019  campaign, "Know Who You Are" 

Channelling Oshun at private home event in 2021 

Supporting role in an episode of the US tv series, "Deadly Women". I play a Christian wife, murdered by her husband's jealous lover. My episode starts at 14:40.  

"The Other Side of Green" - a short film written, edited, produced and directed by Amarantha 

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